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City Council Regular Meeting
Meeting Date: 08/09/2022  

The EMS Department currently has a fleet of eleven (11) ambulances, seven (7) of these ambulances are "front-line" or are in-service at any given time which leaves a reserve fleet of four (4) ambulances. A goal is to have four (4) reserve ambulances to allow our fleet department time to "down" each ambulance for preventative and safety checks. As of August 1, mileage for these ambulances range from 280 to over 200,000 miles:
Unit # Year Mileage
274 2013 208,139
275 2013 200,323
276-B 2022 280
277 2015 188,303
278-B 2021 10,470
279 2015 191,449
280 2017 147,066
281 2017 92,339
282 2020 79,710
283 2021 19,555
284 2021 20,384
285 2022 Will receive in FY23

After coordination with the Fleet Department and in-line with our vehicle replacement program, it was decided to purchase this ambulance from Frazer through Sterling McCall Ford (for the chassis).  Frazer is a HGAC Buy Purchasing Cooperative program participant, and the ambulances are built here in Texas.
Like our previous six ambulances, this ambulance will be mounted on a Ford F450 chassis.  

Due to COVID-19, ambulance manufacturers have lengthened their build times (mainly due to chassis delays) and to have our ambulance built in FY24 we need to have a Letter of Intent (LOI) signed to save a chassis for the build.  

Final purchase will be dependent on final approval of the FY24 budget.  
Authorizing the City Manager to sign a Letter of Intent (LOI) with Sterling McCall Ford for the intent to purchase one (1) new ambulance for FY24.
The items purchased from Frazer are in support of EMS response to the communities served.  
Staff recommends approving the attached Letter of Intent (LOI) authorizing the City Manager to sign a Letter of Intent (LOI) with Sterling McCall Ford for the purchase of one (1) new ambulance for FY24. 
This ambulance will be purchased in FY24 contingent on approval of the FY24 budget. The total amount for this ambulance will not exceed $275,000.  Staff will return for approval of the funds once the budget is approved.   
Staff recommends approval of Resolution No. 22-R-79
Resolution 22-R-79

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