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City Council Regular Meeting
Meeting Date: 06/07/2022  

Annexation of land into the City's corporate limits may be voluntary or involuntary.  Each type has Texas Local Government (LGC) requirements that identify the necessary process based on the annexation type.  The City's Unified Development Code (UDC) Section 21.4.8 includes provisions that apply to requests for voluntary annexation as well as the criteria for approval that the City Council should consider.  This section of the City's UDC includes provisions for processing voluntary annexation requests.  

On behalf of each property owner Scott Felder Homes, LLC, Pape-Dawson Engineers, Ltd., and Killen, Griffin & Farrimond, PLLC., submitted a petition for voluntary annexation to the City of Schertz for approximately 287 acres land.  The properties are located generally 6,050 feet east of the intersection of Trainer Hale Road and FM 1518, also known as Property Identification Numbers 310053, 310060, and 310121.  

Upon City Council accepting the petition for the voluntary annexation of the approximately 287 acres of land, the property owners would be able to initiate the annexation and zone change processes for the subject property.  The adoption of this resolution does not annex the subject properties into the City, but instead allows the City Council to annex the property by ordinance in the future.  A subsequent ordinance for annexation must be approved by City Council in order to annex the property into the City of Schertz, which is tentatively scheduled to be heard on the July 5th, 2022, City Council meeting.  

There was a public hearing notice published in the "San Antonio Express" newspaper on May 18th, 2022.
The property owners are requesting voluntary annexation into the City of Schertz due to wanting the subject properties to be located within the City of Schertz City limits in order to develop the land as a Planned Development District (PDD).  
Promote the safe, orderly, efficient development and ensure compliance with the City's vision of future growth. 
Staff recommends approval of Resolution 22-R-53 to accept the petition for voluntary annexation. 
The approval of Resolution 22-R-53 accepting a petition for voluntary annexation does not have a financial impact on the City.  However, the approval of the subsequent annexation ordinance of the property will have a fiscal impact; in accordance with Texas Local Government Code (LGC) Chapter 43, the City must provide services to the land on the effective date of the annexation.   
Staff recommends approval of Resolution 22-R-53 accepting a petition for voluntary annexation.  
Resolution 22-S-53
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