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City Council Regular Meeting
Meeting Date: 06/07/2022  

With the opening of the School of Science and Technology at the intersection of the northbound frontage road of IH 35 and Fairlawn Avenue, it became apparent through the observation of new traffic in the vicinity that the establishment of school speed zone would promote safer travel by raising awareness of modified traffic behavior and patterns during particular times of the day when school is in session.

This concern was presented to the Transportation Safety Advisory Commission (TSAC).  During its regular meeting on March 3, 2022, TSAC discussed the issue and voted unanimously to recommend that a school speed zone be established along Fairlawn Avenue in the vicinity of the newly opened school. 

City Council approved this on first reading at their meeting of May 24, 2022.
The goal of this ordinance is to ensure that school zones are up to date in the City of Schertz and enforced through the Code of Ordinances, and provide for safe travel while maintaining proper records for maximum speed limits in school zones.
The establishment of a school zone in the vicinity of the School of Science and Technology promotes awareness of school time traffic patterns and subsequently results in a safer environment for vehicular and pedestrian traffic in the area.
The action recommended is approval of Ordinance 22-D-22 on final reading, revising Chapter 86, Section 118 Maximum Limits in School Zones to include a segment of Fairlawn Avenue as described.
The fiscal impact of this ordinance is the cost to install and maintain the necessary school speed zone signs.
Staff recommends approval of Ordinance 22-D-22 on final reading.
Ordinance 22-D-22

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