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City Council Regular Meeting
Meeting Date: 06/07/2022  

The Resolution only alerts the Citizens that the proposed projects will be considered and Certificates of Obligation (the “Certificates”) will be approved on August 2, 2022. The City intends to issue the Certificates in an amount not to exceed $19,855,000 for the purpose of making street and drainage repairs and improvements to the City’s utility system including water projects. The authorization of the Resolution will not have a fiscal impact. When the CO’s are approved, along with the GO Bond, it is estimated that there will be no impact on the I&S tax rate or require a utility rate increase relative to the portion of Certificates sold for making utility system improvements.

Projects included are:
FM1518 Road Improvements: $5,605,000
Main Street Improvements: $3,250,000
Northcliffe AC Pipe Replacement: $2,000,000
Live Oak Water Transmission Main: $4,000,000
FM1518 Utility Relocation: $5,000,000

Total: $19,855,000

This notice allows the Citizens 45 days after publication to put together a petition with 5% of registered voters to stop the sale of these bonds. If the petition succeeds, the bonds can be moved to the next ballot to be voted on.
To provide funding for necessary improvements to roadways and the water system in the City of Schertz.
The community will benefit from better traffic flows from the road improvements along FM 1518 and the water line upgrades will ensure a reliable source of water for the citizens and businesses.
Staff recommends approving the Resolution, publishing the Notice of Intention, and to authorize the consultants to move forward with the issuance of the Certificates (along with the Bonds) scheduled to sell on August 2nd with funds delivered on August 24, 2022. 

Motion: I move that the City Council adopt a Notice of Intention Resolution
The issuance amounts are within the current tax rate's capacity and should not require a tax rate increase.
Approval of resolution 22-R-54 approving the notice of intent to sell bonds.

Motion: I move that the City Council adopt a Notice of Intention Resolution
Resolution 22-R-54

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