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City Council Regular Meeting
Meeting Date: 05/03/2022  

City Council requested that staff provide an overview of process for naming Streets. In most cases, new streets being constructed are named as part of the platting process, with the developer proposing a name, the proposed name being reviewed and then being approved as part of the plat approval process by the Planning and Zoning Commission as provided for in the UDC:

Sec. 21.14.1. Streets.
H.       Street Names and Street Numbers. Names of new streets shall not duplicate the names of existing streets within the City and its ETJ unless the new street is a continuation of or part of a future continuation of such existing street. Street names shall be chosen to avoid similarity or confusion with existing street names. A new street name shall not differ from an existing street name solely by the addition of a different auxiliary designation such as "avenue", "way", "boulevard", etc. Names of all new streets shall be subject to approval by the Planning and Zoning Commission and be coordinated on an area wide basis. Street names shall have prior approval of the United States Postal Service, Bexar Metro 911, and the applicable County Clerk's Office. Street addresses should also be coordinated with present existing addresses. The City will determine street numbers and advise the subdivider as to the street numbers.

City Council has the authority to rename streets. City Council adopted guidelines for street and road name changes in May of 1989. The guidelines state that the City shall send letters to all owners of property adjacent to the street in question advising them of the change and these letters must be mailed out 10 days prior to the street name change being placed on the P&Z agenda. Staff must consult with Police, Fire, SAFES and E-911 District and place any written recommendations in the P&Z packet. P&Z must hold a public hearing and makes a recommendation to City Council. A second public hearing is needed at City Council.
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Name Change Process

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