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City Council Regular Meeting
Meeting Date: 05/03/2022  

When is the penalty notice issued, and when is the fee applied?
The penalty is issued the day after the due date and notices (email/mail) are generated on the same day.

What is our policy when the due date is on the weekend?
Our policy is we apply the late fees at noon on the next business day after we process all mail payments. We advise residents that there are other ways to pay such as Online (one-time or autopay), Payment Kiosk, Auto draft using a bank account and dropbox to avoid late fees.
And do we have grace periods? 
No but we do waive late fees once per account. We also have an extension process. After the penalty is applied, if the customer cannot make the payment by the cutoff day, we allow 10 additional days. The first 2 extensions are free, we charge $5 for any after.
Sections 90-11 of the city ordinance outlines our penalty policy & section 90-14 of the city ordinance outlines our extension policy. The information below is listed on our welcome packet. 

The City of Schertz has 2 water billing cycles. Water consumption is billed a month behind. Billing accounts are updated monthly, based on the service address' read date. If the bill due date falls on a weekend or holiday, payments are due by 10:00am the next business day. Payments not received by the billing due date will have a late fee added.
Note: Any account not paid after the penalty date is liable to be turned off until the account is brought current. A disconnection fee of $20 will be applied to the account.
  Reading Billing Due 10% Penalty Turn Off
Cycle 1 1st 10th 25th 26th 6th
Cycle 2 15th 25th 10th 11th 21st

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