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City Council Regular Meeting
Meeting Date: 04/12/2022  

Staff is proposing to make a variety of amendments to the UDC. Some of these are coming from the Subcommittee of P&Z and City Council that discussed single family residential development, others from problems the City has been experiencing on Main Street while others have been pending for some time. 

Staff is proposing to amend Section 21.4.5 Post- Decision procedures, section B. The section currently limits the ability of applicants to resubmit an application that has been denied to no sooner than six months after the date of denial. The amendment stipulates that limitation does not apply if the full board or commission that was seated was not present. This change was prompted by some recent denials at BOA where a lack of board members created a situation where a unanimous recommendation for approval was needed, This seems unfair to the applicants and as such a change was proposed.   
As a result of the work of the Subcommittee on residential development staff is proposing to make amendments to various sections to remove the prohibition on new zoning of R-6 and R-7 as well as to add the design criteria that was discussed. To allow R-6 and R-7 zoning to be granted, staff is proposing amendments to Section 21.5.5 Statement and Purpose of Residential Districts Sections F and G to remove the references to Ordinance No. 10-S-29 that restricted the ability to grant them. It also amends Section 21.5.2 Zoning Districts Established, limitations on R-6 an R-7 to eliminate the references to the limitations imposed by Ordinance No. 10-S-29. The changes add a cap of 30 acres for R-7 and 40 acres for R-6  As part of the design standards the parking section is being amended to require two parking spaces per mail box kiosk which must be covered, but these can be provided in the right-of-way as long as additional paving is provided so as not to be in the lane of traffic. Staff is amending the parkland dedication section to stipulate the requirements for private open space in residential subdivisions if a City park is not being provided. The curvilienear street requirement is being added to the public works design manual.  
In an effort to deal with the parking problem on Main Street that is occurring as a result of vehicles being parked on unpaved areas due to some temporary or short term issue and to deal with the excessive cars associated with auto repair uses being parked on the street, staff is proposing two related changes. The first is to allow temporary parking, of up to six months on an unpaved area. This would not push vehicles and trailers onto the street during construction on a site or in unique situations created by the pandemic, such as shortages of vehicle parts. The second change is to not allow parking associated with an auto repair and service business that is located on Main Street to occur in the street. Businesses need to appropriately size their business - property, buildings, staffing to handle the volume of business they anticipate and not rely on the public right-of-way for vehicle storage as this creates a safety issue and negatively impacts other properties.   Staff is recommending amending Section 21.10.2 General Provisions to add a subsection L that stipulates that parking and storage of vehicles associated with automobile repair and services businesses on Main Street cannot occur in the street. Staff is also recommending that section 21.8.9 Outdoor Display and Storage, subsection 4 be amended to add an additional subsection D to allow staff to issue permit for businesses to park vehicles on an unpaved area for up to six months.    
Update the City's UDC to better support the goals and objectives of the City's Comprehensive Plan.
Provides for high quality development meeting the goals of the City's Comprehensive Plan. 
Approval of Ordinance 22-S-19 Amending the UDC. 
At the March 23, 2022 meeting, the Planning and Zoning Commission voted 7 to 0 to recommend approval of these amendments. 
Approval of Ordinance 22-S-19.
Ord 22 S 19 Misc UDC
Parking Redline
Post Decision Procedures Redline
Zoning Districts Established Redline
Statement of Purpose Res Districts Redline
Outdoor Display and Storage Redline
Park and Open Space Redline

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