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City Council Regular Meeting
Meeting Date: 04/12/2022  


City staff is proposing to update the City's roadway impact fee to account for newly annexed property. This includes land that had been in the City's Extra Territorial Jurisdiction (ETJ) and was recently annexed at the request of property owners who are anticipating developing the property as well as the property that was released by the City of San Antonio to the northwest of Lookout Road and Doerr Lane that was recently annexed. The goal is to include these properties in the City's roadway impact fee service areas and to designate the thoroughfares in these areas as system roadways. As part of the required process the City had to update its land use assumptions and capital improvements plan. This also results in new maximum assessable fees in each service area, but the city is not proposing to change the actual impact fee per service unit that is currently being charged - $1,000.00 per service unit for residential and $175.00 per service unit for non-residential.

The update was prompted by the need to add areas to the City's roadway impact fee service areas which will also add sections of roads as system roadway. The update also factors in the City's participation in the cost of constructing Cibolo Valley Drive from Old Wiederstein to IH-35.  As part of the process, the City's consultant had to update the land use assumptions and capital improvements plan, which essentially estimates the cost of constructing these roads to provide additional capacity that will be needed based on new development and divides that cost among new development in the form of the maximum fee per service unit.The areas where the changes are occurring are the land released by the City of San Antonio from their ETJ, generally to the northwest of Lookout Road and Doerr Lane. This also adds the extension of Tejas Way to the roadway CIP. The second area is in the area of Parklands 2 and adds a section of Big John Lane to the roadway CIP. The third area is around Lower Seguin Road to account for the annexation of the Saddlebrook and Carmel Ranch developments and adds sections of Raf Burnett, Lower Seguin Road, a north/south collector and the north/south collector that is the FM 3009 extension. It also includes the actual City Participation cost for Cibolo Valley Drive. While the report results in a new maximum assessable fee per service unit for each service area which is slightly lower in three of the service areas and slightly higher in the other one, these amounts are still above the amounts the City charges. Staff is not proposing a change to the fee amount charged.   
Update the City's roadway impact fee program to include recently annexed areas. 
Provides funding for the expansion of roadway triggered by new development. 
Staff recommends approval to the City's Roadway Impact Fee program.
This amendment brings property into the City's Roadway Impact Fee Service Areas making them subject to roadway impact fees. It also designates additional sections of roadways as system roads for the purpose of roadway impact fees. 
Approval of Ordinance 22-T-12.
Res 22 R 24
legal notice
CIAC Minutes
Chapter 78 changes redline
Ord 22 T 12 Roadway Impact Fees
Roadway Impact Fee Update

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