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City Council Regular Meeting
Meeting Date: 03/22/2022  

The City of Schertz Council Chambers was renovated for its current use nearly 20 years ago. At that time the video and audio systems installed were state of the art. Since that time a few upgrades were made to the sound system to improve overall sound quality in the main room, but no major improvements were made to either the sound system or the video systems to accommodate changing technologies and the need to support remote / virtual meetings as allowed by state law. There is a need to improve the quality of recordings for broadcasting meetings on the internet and on the planned Schertz Public Access channel as provided for by our cable providers. Working with various stakeholders the staff issued an RFP for improvements to the audio and video systems in the Council Chambers Main Room. Three proposals were submitted. The selected bid is in the amount of $451,686.00. This ordinance will adjust the dedicated PEG fund to provide funding for this project.
This ordinance will provide funding to allow the City staff to upgrade the council meeting facility to improve the quality of live and recorded meetings on both the internet and on the planned cable channel, streamline management of Council meeting minutes, allow for electronic voting, etc. 
Allocating the funds needed to perform this upgrade will improve the quality of live and recorded meetings on both the internet and on the planned cable channel. The new systems will better support meetings where there is a need for virtual and / or remote attendance by Council Members, Staff and others presenting agenda-based information to the Council. In addition, the new system will create the option to streamline the presentation and posting of meeting minutes, allow Council and others using the facility to record votes electronically and improve communications by giving Board and Council Members additional tools to watch presentations, ask questions and provide feedback.  
Staff recommends that Council approves Ordinance No. 22-T-16 adjusting the FY 2021/2022 PEG fund budget in the amount of $451,686.00
Funding will be provided by using the City’s Federally mandated PEG (Public Education and Government) fund. The current balance of the fund is more than sufficient to accommodate this project.  
Staff recommends that Council approval Ordinance 22-T-16 authorizing the adjustment to the FY 21/22 PEG Fund budget for the Schertz Council Facilities Audio and Video Systems Upgrade Project.
Ord 22 T 16

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