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City Council Regular Meeting
Meeting Date: 04/12/2022  

The developer of The Crossvine, Schertz 1518, Ltd. is proposing to convey to the City of Schertz, Lot 1, block 1 of the Schertz Forest Unit 1 Addition. The property is approximately 1.1 acres and is located to the east of the intersection of Ware Seguin Loop and Ware Seguin Road, with those roads bordering the property to the north and south. It is currently undeveloped.

The developer proposed a future phase of The Crossvine, Module 3A, Unit 4, to have street access to Ware Seguin Loop. Staff expressed concern about not connecting this phase directly to Ware Seguin Road. The developer acquired Lot 1, Block 1 of the Schertz Forest Unit 1 addition in order for that connection to be made. As a result of deed restrictions on property, the developer would prefer to convey the property to the City as opposed to including it in part of a plat. The developer is wanting to retain the ability to install and maintain landscaping and signage outside of the future road surface. The developer would construct this section of road with the plat of Module 3A, Unit 4.
To provide for orderly development in the City, including appropriate access and circulation. 
Provide for the safer and more efficient flow of traffic in the area.
Approval of Resolution 22-R-30 authorizing the City to accept a warranty deed from Schertz 1518, Ltd for Lot 1, Block 1 of the Schertz Forest Unit 1 Addition. 
The City is not having to pay to acquire the property but will have to mow it until the future street is constructed.
Approval of Resolution 22-R-30.
Res 22 R 30
Deed with retained easement

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