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City Council Regular Meeting
Meeting Date: 03/08/2022  

The Crest Oak Sewer Line currently serves single family, multi-family residential and commercial properties within the City of Schertz and the City of Cibolo along the I-35 corridor. The existing 10-inch wastewater segment included in this project was constructed in the 1960s and is starting to exhibit signs of deterioration, of which Public Works has investigated by closed-circuit television (CCTV) equipment.  In addition, available capacity is expected to be exceeded with planned and future development within this sewer shed (an area of approximately 720 acres).

The Crest Oak sewer main flows south to a Cibolo Creek Municipal Authority (CCMA) owned and operated sewer main. The Crest Oak Wastewater Upsize Technical Memorandum conducted by Kimley Horn and Associates indicates that the existing 10” sewer main requires upsize to a 16” sewer main.

The length of the main to be upgraded is approximately 2,600 linear feet. Pipe bursting was chosen as the preferred construction method to reduce costs for the overall project. The construction budget for pipe bursting is $1.2 million. Additional permanent or temporary easements are not required due to the confined process of pipe bursting and rehabilitation of existing manholes. Conventional construction methods were anticipated to be $2.5 million due to increases in land acquisition and engineering fees. Further, contract duration is shortened with pipe bursting methods (approximately 1 month) as compared to a 3 month construction duration using conventional construction methods. 

A proposal was provided by Fuquay, Inc. based on the scope of work and a site visit completed with City Staff.  Staff has determined that the bid from Fuquay, Inc. is acceptable. The proposal provided by Fuquay is a Group Purchasing Cooperative Contract  and Buyboard has confirmed that the proposal adheres to the rules, terms, and pricing structure of the Buyboard contract. 
To obtain authorization from Council to execute a contract with Fuquay, Inc. for $1,153,745.25 plus $115,374.53 (10% contingency) for a not to exceed amount of $1,269,119.78, for the Crest Oak Wastewater Upsize Project.  
The increase in capacity of the Crest Oak Wastewater Main will serve single family residential, multi-family residential, and commercial properties within the City of Schertz and the City of Cibolo along the I-35 corridor.
Authorize execution of the construction contract for the Crest Oak Wastewater Upsize Project with Fuquay, Inc. for $1,153,745.25 and a not to exceed amount of $1,269,119.78.
The cost of the project shall not exceed $1,269,119.78 and funding is available from the ARP Tranche 1 Category 5 funds.  The ARPA funds allocated a total of $2.48 million to Category 5 Water, Wastewater, and Broadband Infrastructure Projects. Staff proposes $1,269,119.78 for the Crest Oak Wastewater Upsize Project out of these funds.
Staff recommends Council approve Resolution 22-R-26 and authorize award of the bid for the Crest Oak Wastewater Upsize Project to Fuquay, Inc. for $1,153,745.25 and a not to exceed amount of $1,269,119.78
Construction Contract
Crest Oak Exhibit
Fuquay Proposal

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