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City Council Regular Meeting
Meeting Date: 03/01/2022  

The Wendy Swan Memorial Park Pool was formerly an HOA-owned pool in the Northcliffe subdivision and as such was only designed to serve a small amount of people at one time.  The capacity of the pool area is 50 people, but the pool rarely reaches capacity. Its small size does not afford a lot of opportunities for activities, so it is not as in demand as our other pools.  When the pandemic hit in March 2020 there were capacity limits placed on facilities including outdoor pools, and the 25% capacity allowed at the start of the summer would have only allowed 12 people to enter the pool.  City staff and YMCA staff (who are contracted to manage the outdoor pools) deemed it not feasible to open Wendy Swan Memorial Park Pool at that time. 

City staff began researching the idea of converting the small residential-sized pool into a splash pad utilizing the existing filtration equipment which is in fairly good condition.  City staff reached out to multiple vendors (T.F. Harper & Associates, Kraftsman, and Vortex) and explored various ways to build the splashpad in an affordable way.  The proposed small splash pad will fit into the existing footprint of the old pool, will utilize the existing restrooms and covered porch area, and the fence will come down for access.  Currently, the pool is only open from Memorial Day Weekend through the start of the school year in August.  Converting to a splash pad would eliminate the need for the facility to have lifeguards and thus allow for an extended season of March - October.

In July 2021 city staff sent out approximately 3,000 postcards to residents in the northern Schertz neighborhoods advertising a public input meeting on the possible conversion to a splashpad.  On Monday, July 19 the public input meeting was held at the North Center and 8 residents attended with mixed responses.  About half seemed in support of the conversion, while half did not.  On July 26, the Parks & Recreation Advisory Board discussed the pool and possible conversion to a splashpad and requested a postcard be sent out to direct residents to a poll to choose a splash pad design.  The board also made a motion to convert the pool to a splash pad at Wendy Swan Memorial Park and the motion passed with 7 ayes, 0 nays, 0 abstains. 

In September 2021, city staff sent out approximately 3,000 postcards to residents in the northern Schertz neighborhoods directing them to a link for feedback on the different splash pad design options per the Parks & Recreation Advisory Board's request.  There were 254 responses with Design Option #3 receiving 50.8% of the votes.  The results of the survey were reviewed and discussed at the Parks & Recreation Advisory Board at their meeting on September 27, 2021 and there was consensus to move forward to council with Design Option #3.

The goal is to permanently close the pool at Wendy Swan Memorial Park and to convert the existing space to a splashpad feature utilizing the existing filtration equipment.  This resolution also awards the construction contract to T.F. Harper & Associates, LP, a BuyBoard vendor, to construct the splashpad. 
The community will benefit from this conversion by having a new splash pad that has open public access and an extended public season. The only splash pad that is currently in the city is integrated with the Recreation Center and Aquatic Center and there is currently a fee associated with accessing that splash pad.  Instead of the existing facility only being utilized May – August from 12-7 pm, this new facility will be open March – October from 9 am - 9 pm.  In addition, non-swimmers can utilize this facility, so many families with young children will benefit from this facility conversion. The small splash pad would utilize the existing filtration equipment and incorporate the existing restroom facility and porch overhang for potential birthday party rentals.  There is also an existing picnic pavilion behind the restrooms that would be more desirable for party rentals if the pool was converted to a splash pad.
Approve Resolution 22-R-01.
The cost for construction of Splashpad Design #3 is quoted at $263,363.72.  A 10% contingency is being added at $26,336.37 and a payment/performance bond of $7,650 for a total amount not to exceed of $297,350.09.  Since the cancellation of the pool management contract with the YMCA for the Wendy Swan Memorial Park Pool in May 2021 (Resolution 21-R-35), the annual savings to the city is $71,952 per year. City staff is proposing to construct the splash pad utilizing reserve funds and the savings from the cancellation of the management contract, would pay back the reserve fund in 4 years.

T.F. Harper & Associates, L.P., a BuyBoard purchasing cooperative member, was selected as the vendor due to their long company history in the park and playground industry (50 years), their history of successful project completions in the City of Schertz (Ashley Park, Mary Whitfield Burks Park, and the YMCA/Recreation Center splashpad), the affordability of the improvements, and the quality of workmanship that city staff has witnessed in previous projects.  City staff also reached out to another area company in the park and playground construction industry, Kraftsman, and the pricing was comparable.  City staff also reached out to Vortex which is a manufacturer of water play features and coordinates with local commercial pool contractors to install their products. Commercial pool contractors really focus on the residential market and city staff was not comfortable moving in that direction for this project.  

The quote, provided by TF Harper, is being provided in accordance with BuyBoard contract 581-19. BuyBoard has confirmed the pricing and scope of services are in accordance with the terms of the agreement. 
Approve resolution 22-R-01.
Resolution 22-R-01 Wendy Swan splash pad
Splash Pad Quote and Rendering

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