February 15, 2022

A Special Town Hall Meeting was held by the Schertz City Council of the City of Schertz, Texas, on February 15, 2022, at 6:00 p.m. in the Cafeteria at St. John Paul II Catholic High School,  6720 FM 482, New Braunfels, Texas. The following members present to-wit:
Mayor Ralph Gutierrez; Mayor Pro-tem David Scagliola; Councilmember Jill Whittaker; Councilmember Michael Dahle; Councilmember Allison Heyward; Councilmember Tim Brown
Councilmember Mark Davis; Councilmember Rosemary Scott
City Staff:
City Manager Dr. Mark Browne; Assistant City Manager Brian James; Assistant City Manager Charles Kelm; City Attorney Megan Santee; City Secretary Brenda Dennis; Assistant to the City Manager Sarah Gonzalez; Public Works Director Suzanne Williams; Assistant Public Works Director Scott McClelland; City Engineer Kathy Woodlee; Engineer John Nowak; Parks Administrative Assistant Analyse Miranda; Interim Police Chief Marc Bane; Neighborhood Services Manager Rebecca Vera; Human Resources & Purchasing Director Jessica Kurz; Planning & Community Development Director Lesa Wood; Senior Planner Emily Delgado; IT Director Myles Clauser; Marketing & Recruitment Manager Casey Moeller; EMS Director Jason Mabbitt; Court Administrator Patty Casas; Library Director Melissa Uhlhorn; IT Support Specialist Bryan Jackson; Sr. Systems Administrator Jack Bluebird; Fire Chief Kade Long; Police Department Chris Hernandez; Auxiliary Services Division Officer Eddie Gonzales; Police Department Support Services Anna Kraft; Public Affairs Director Linda Klepper; Finance Director James Walters; Utility Billing Manager Dawniecia Hardin-Trussell
Meet and Greet (6:00 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.)
  • Citizens meet and greet with various City Departments.
Call to Order

Mayor Gutierrez called the special meeting to order at 6:30 p.m., and recognized members of Council present.
Welcome and Introduction

Mayor Ralph Gutierrez recognized City Manager Dr. Mark Browne who welcomed everyone.
Presentations regarding the specific topics:
  • Road Infrastructure CIP Update (K. Woodlee/J. Nowak)
City Manager Dr. Browne introduced City Engineer Kathy Woodlee and Engineer John Nowak who provided information regarding the following:
  • TxDOT and Local Street Project updates:
Completed or Nearly Completed Projects:
•Schertz Parkway concrete pavement repairs and surface grinding complete
•Elbel – drainage and pavement improvements complete, traffic signal at Westchester yet to be done
•Live Oak – curb, gutter, and sidewalks complete, resurfacing this Spring
•The Estates at Wilson’s Preserve – slurry seal complete

Ongoing Projects:
•Most of these streets will be slurry sealed; Prep work underway, slurry seal in Spring
•Fog Seal to be applied to previously chip sealed areas
•Eckhardt & Green Valley – partnership with Guadalupe County; stabilization and resurfacing in Spring
•Tri-County Parkway from Corridor Parkway to FM 3009 – project headed to construction
TxDOT Facility Improvements in Schertz
FM 1103 Bridge over IH 35
IH 35 Operational Improvements FM 2252 to Schwab
I 35 NEX (Northeast Expansion)
FM 1103 IH13 to Wiederstein/Chelsea
FM 3009 - FM 78 Intersection Improvements (Feasibility study)
FM 1518 FM 78 to IH 10
IH 10 Graytown to Bexar-Guadalupe Line

IH 35 Operational Improvements:
FM 2252 to Schwab Road
•Ramp Revisions (reversals)
•Intersection Improvements
•Frontage Road Operational Improvements
•VIA park & ride
Paving to resume in April, Completion expected in late Spring 2022

FM 1103 Improvements
Existing FM 1103 Section includes:
  • Two 11 foot travel lanes (one in each direction)
  • The outside shoulders vary in width
  • Left turn lanes a new developments
  • Open ditches for the drainage
Proposed FM 1103 Typical Section includes:
  • Four 11 foot travel lanes (two in each direction)
  • Raised medians and left turn lanes
  • Two 5 foot bike lanes (one in each direction)
  • Adding curbs and 6 foot sidewalk along both sides of FM 1103
  • Construct underground storm sever for drainage
Contract awarded to Hunter Industries for $39,295,624 - Project has been delayed for a variety of reasons
Groundbreaking expected n June 2022 - Construction period expected s 4 years (includes construction In Schertz and Cibolo)

I-35 NEX (Northeast Expansion)
•Project Limits :
South of I-410 South Interchange (AT&T Parkway) to FM 1103
•portion from Bexar/Guadalupe County Line to FM 1103 - $375 million
•NOT a toll road
I-35 NEX 3 project segments
Segment 1 – 410 N to FM 3009
Segment 2 – 410 S to 410 N
Segment 3 - FM 3009 to FM 1103
IH 10 Improvements:
Graytown Road to Bexar-Guadalupe County Line (funded through Santa Clara, widening ultimately to SH 130)

Graytown Road to Bexar-Guadalupe County Line
•Total project cost - $149 million
•Adding Lanes, Expanding Bridges
•Minimal Right of Way Acquisition
•Construction Underway
•Anticipate 3-4 years of construction
FM 1518 Improvements
•Environmental Clearance is Complete
•Right of Way Acquisition
•140+ parcels
•99% Complete
•90% Design nearing completion
•Next Steps
•Utility Relocations (including Schertz Water and Wastewater)
•Construction Contract to be Let Summer/Fall 2023
•Construction Start 2024
•2 ½ - 3 year construction period
•Total project cost - $60 million
•Funded by TxDOT, Federal Funding, City of Schertz, Bexar County
•City of Schertz Contribution - >$10 million commitment
•$600k paid to date toward right of way acquisition
•$600k budgeted for utility relocation design
•approx. $5.5 million needed for Schertz utility relocations
  • Trail Project Update (B. James/L. Shrum)
City Manager Dr. Mark Browne recognized Parks, Recreation and Community Services Director Lauren Shrum who provided information regarding trail projects. Information included:

The Great Northern Trail
Schertz Pedestrian Routes & Bike Lanes Project
Substantially Complete - Punch List
FM 1103 Section of Northern Trail
Cibolo Creek Trail
Trail Connect meetings - Staff working together to make trail connections between cities: Schertz, Cibolo, Selma, New Braunfels, Garden Ridge and Universal City
The Great Springs Project and AAMPO
  • Budget Recap (M. Browne/J. Walters)
City Manager Dr. Mark Browne provided information on the following:
  • ARP Update - Funding to be received - $10,417,416.86; First half now: $5.21 Million; Second later in 2022: $5.21 Million
Staff's spending proposal for 1st tranche - $5.21 million
Category 1: Support public health expenditures - $303,000
Category 2: Address negative economic impacts caused by the public health emergency - $1.4 million
Category 3: Replace lost public sector revenue - $525,000 (up to 1.4 million)
Category 4: Provide premium pay for essential workers - $500,000
Category 5: Invest in water, sewer, and broadband infrastructure - $2.48 million

Staff's spending proposal for 1st tranche - $5.21 million
Category 1: Support public health expenditures - $303,000
Category 2: Address negative economic impacts caused by the public health emergency - $1.4 million
Category 3: Replace lost public sector revenue - $525,000 (up to 1.4 million)
Category 4: Provide premium pay for essential workers - $500,000
Category 5: Invest in water, sewer, and broadband infrastructure - $2.48 million

City Manager Dr. Mark Browne introduced Finance Director James Walters who provided the following information regarding the City Budget:

City Budgets - General Fund Information

FY 2021-22 Budget
General Fund Proposed Budget $39,514,748
  • Increase of $1,212,168 or 2.7%, from FY 2020-21 Budget, not including infrastructure funding
  • Non Personnel Budgets decreased 2.3% due to the falloff of business incentive payments, completion of the public safety restroom remodel, and the funding of the Comprehensive Land Use Plan update
  • Personnel Budgets increase 5.4% to act on the Class & Comp Study, Minimum Wage update, Merit, insurance, 0.25% ECI, and add 3 positions
FY 21/22 Budget Highlights
Expanded Programs
Financial Software Replacement
New Personnel
Contracted Building/Facilities Cleaning
Fleet programs
Animal Care HVAC
Additional SPAM Funding
Increase Minimum Wage
New Personnel
Proposing 3 new positions in General Fund:
Police - Patrol Officer
Police - Evidence Technician
Facilities - Plumber
Enterprise Funds:
EMS – 2 Paramedics plus Randolph Contract (6 Paramedics)
Water/Sewer - SCADA Tech
2021 Property Taxes & 2021 Property Values
2020 Taxable Value $3,963,694.728
2021 Equivalent Taxable Value $3,919,293,823
2021 New Taxable Development +$148,715,915
2021 Adjusted Taxable Value $4,068,009,738
Difference between adjusted taxable values $104,315,010

Target Tax Rate
Tax Rate Previous Current
M&O $0.3470 $0.3517 For day to day operations
I&S $0.1651 $0.1604 To pay the City's Debt
Total $0.5121 $0.5121

Historic Tax Rates - I&S
  • Citizen Satisfaction Survey Update (S. Gonzalez/L. Klepper)
City Manager Dr. Mark Browne recognized Public Affairs Director Linda Klepper who provided the following survey information:

Survey Background
•Conducted surveys in 2016, 2019 and 2021
•Contracted with ETC Institute to administer the surveys
•Sample Size 2021 Survey
–436 completed surveys
–Margin of error: +/- 4.7% at the 95% level of confidence.
Survey Goals:
•To objectively assess resident satisfaction with delivery of major City services
•To help determine priorities for the community
•To measure trends from previous surveys
2021 Survey Highlights:
•Residents have a very positive perception of the City.
–90% of respondents were satisfied with the overall quality of services provided by the city.
•The City is moving the right direction
–Since 2019, satisfaction ratings have increased in 61 of 69 areas
•Satisfaction with city services is much higher in Schertz than other cities
–Schertz rates above the U.S. average in 41 of 45 areas
–Satisfaction with the Overall Quality of City Services is 31% above the U.S. average
–Satisfaction with the Customer Service from City Employees is 28% above the U.S. average

Top Priorities Identified:
•Planning for rapid growth
•Road repair, maintenance, expansion
•Enforcing Codes and Ordinances

Importance Satisfaction

Looking Ahead:
•Survey is just one of the tools used to develop priorities for the city.
•Continue to incorporate survey data as well as other feedback from the community as we move forward in the budget process.
Survey results can be found on
  • 2021/2022 Accomplishments (M.Browne)
City Manager Dr. Browne provided the following information:

COVID-19 Vaccination Clinics
Local Clinics at the City of Schertz Civic Center
On-Site at Local Businesses and Assisted Living Facilities
Home-Bound and Mobility Challenged
Vaccination Clinics began - Week of January 4th
Type Administered Quantity
Pfizer Dose 1 Administered 10,882
Pfizer Dose 2 Administered 14,239
Moderna Dose 1 Administered 4,698
Moderna Dose 2 Administered 3,927
J&J Doses Administered 1,445
Total Doses Administered 35,191

Clinic Volunteers:
City Of Cibolo City Of Live Oak City of Marion
City of New Berlin City of New Braunfels City of Santa Clara
City of Seguin City of Selma Guadalupe County
Baptist Children & Family Services Multiple Community Churches Clemens High School - Honor Society & COSA
Girl Scouts GRMC & Methodist Health System Over 200 Unaffiliaed Community Volunteers

Public Safety:
Provided 40K COVID Vaccines
Voters approved $15.4M Bond for Station #4
Put new Platform in service
Best Practices Recognition Program
Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Program
Animal Services Field Training Program
JBSA-Randolph Agreement – 5 yr ($635,706 annually)
15% increase in overall call volume
14% increase in transports
Affinity Care Clinic Agreement to expand our MIH services

Veteran's Memorial Plaza Renovations
New landscaping and irrigation – variety of roses, annuals, new sod
New concrete accessible route to the parking lot with designated ADA parking and Purple Heart Recipient parking
Replace all existing bricks with new laser-engraved pavers
Ashley Par Concrete Loop Trail
¼ mile fully accessible loop trail
Added full accessibility to the restroom, the toddler playscape, and a picnic area
Phase III Renovations pending construction estimated to start in March
Additional playground feature
Picnic Pavilion available to reserve for birthday parties

2021 Special Events:
Movin on Main
4th July Jubilee & Parade
Candy Cruise
Holidazzle & Festival of Angels Parade
New Year's Eve Masquerade

Public Works 2021 Accomplishments:
Ice Storm of 2021
Schertz did not lose water or issue a boil notice and was able to offer support to our sister cities
New Fleet Facility -- Building 27
Defined Street Sweeping schedule street maintenance program
Completed interior refresh of Council Chambers and the Civic Center flooring

Engineering - Past Year Capital Improvement Accomplishments
Projects Completed
Elbel Road Drainage and Pavement Improvements
Pedestrian Routes and Bike Lanes
Schertz Parkway Reconstruction
Resurfacing of Various Streets
Corbett Elevated Storage Tank
Construction Starts
Aviation Heights Water Main Replacement
Tri County Parkway Reconstruction
Woman Hollering Creek Wastewater Trunk Main and Lift Station
Ongoing Street Resurfacing
Ongoing Drainage Remediation
(Keep up with Capital Improvements Projects on SCHERTZ.COM! - Click on Capital Improvement Projects)

Schertz Neighborhood Services:
Implemented a new Block walk and talk program. This is a proactive approach for identifying code issues and help resident to find solutions.
Successfully worked with residents in Parkland Village Subdivision on neighborhood easement clean up. This was the first Block Walk and Talk effort.
Successfully worked with Utility Service providers to bury exposed utility lines in easements throughout the Parkland Village Subdivision.

Schertz Economic Development:
Schertz EDC has three buildings under construction on Lookout Road
Titan Development, Buildings 5,6 and 7
Four Oaks Lane (near Walmart)
Total Square footage: 573,899
Total Cost of Construction: $26,132,177
Coming Soon - Slim Chickens, Kellum Schertz Medical Center
  • State of the City Video (M. Browne) - City Manager Dr. Mark Browne showed the 2021-2022 State of the City Video. This can be found on the city website Dr. Browne thanked Kim Gonzales Director of Advancement and Principal Adrew Iliff for allowing the City to use their facility this evening.
Mayor Gutierrez opened the meeting to questions by the audience and recognized the following:

Mr. Norman Shaheen, 3820 Pheasant, Scenic Hills stated that surveying is going on at the NorthCliffe Golf Course and asked what was going on. In response Assistant City Manager Brian James stated that the property is owner private property and is unsure, but did know that it had been up for sale.

Mr. Shaheen also stated that Old Wiederstein Road conditions are getting worse and wanted to know when the City would repair the road. In answer, Engineer John Nowak stated it is another project on the radar, but we do not have the funding, but our Public Works department is planning on doing some minor repairs.

Mr. Tim Fey, 6028 FM 482 asked what the City is doing in our area (FM 482), he stated that the area is Historic and is concerned about the truck traffic - speeding, truck traffic damaging the roads. In answer, City Manager Dr. Mark Browne stated that FM 482 is a TxDOT road, City looking to pursue funding with TxDOT, and AAMPO for the repair of the road. He stated that the City needs to improve the sewer on Hubertus to IH 35.

Regarding the speeding of truck traffic, he stated the City is actively pursuing traffic citations. Assistant City Manager Brian James stated that the City is planning to work with the Quarries to make some problems in the area better.

Mr. Johnathan Johnson, 12041 Garden Shoot, asked if there was money in the budget to maintain the roads. In answer, City Manager Dr. Mark Browne and Assistant City Manager Brian James stated that they have a CIP Plan and utilize the Pavement Index Report of Roads that has been created by the City. Again, this is a TxDOT Road and the project is on the City's radar but no funding is available.

Mr. Dean Weirtz, 4301 Monument Pass, stated he represents the Historical Preservation Committee and there are 31 designated Historical sites for Schertz, (9) are in this area of North Schertz. Wanted the City to make sure we consider them and protect the history of this community.

Mr. Milton Sanders, 6691 FM 482 stated that there are several truck traffic problems, speeding, truck roll-overs - which cause blocking of the roads. In answer, City Manager Dr. Browne indicated that the Police Department has implemented an Enforcement Program. Acting Police Chief Marc Bane stated that he will have the Police Department patrol the area.

Ms. Vanessa Stephens, 9341 Canopy Bend spoke regarding the traffic accidents occurring on Lower Seguin road, the racing of cars on FM 482 and that the road needs repairs.

Mr. Johnathan Johnson, 12041 Garden Shoot stated that there are problems with Lower Seguin Road, and wanted to also know if FM 482 may be widened. Dr. Browne stated that the City does not have the money to address Lower Seguin Road, but maybe the City can work with Bexar County for funding. Mr. Johnson wanted to know if the Base could help facilitate or contribute funds to the repair.

Ms. April Johnson, 12041 Garden Shoot had questions regarding the rezoning of property across from the Crossvine Subdivision, she had heard it was for low income housing, and she has concerns. Assistant City Manager Brian James stated that there has not been a rezoning case, it was for an amendment to the Comprehensive Land Use Plan changing approximately 15 acres of the Future Land Use Map from Estate Neighborhood land use designation to the Mixed-Use Neighborhood Center land use designation. He indicated that it was not a low income housing project.

As no one else spoke, Mayor Gutierrez adjourned the special meeting at 8:17 p.m.
                         Ralph Gutierrez, Mayor

Brenda Dennis, City Secretary

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