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City Council Regular Meeting
Meeting Date: 05/24/2022  

City Council awarded the construction contract for the Tri-County Parkway reconstruction project on December 7, 2021.  The construction start date was delayed until the contractor had certain construction materials, such as the sanitary sewer pipe, on hand.  As construction work began, it became necessary for the City to arrange for construction materials testing for the project.

City Staff selected one of the on-call Geotechnical Engineering firms, Raba Kistner, Inc. to arrange for construction materials testing for the project.  Initially, a Task Order contract for the materials necessary for the cement stabilization of the “foundation soil” for the new street was created and approved by Staff.  This task order was done in this manner so the construction could start and proceed in a timely fashion, while the contractor was still working to refine his overall project construction schedule.  The original Task Order scope and fee is $16,300.

Based on the overall project construction schedule, a Task Order Amendment was created to cover the other construction materials testing and density testing needed to complete the project.  The proposed cost of the additional scope and fees for the proposed amendment is $44,957.00, for a total amended Task Order amount of $66,257.00.  As this Task Order Amendment would exceed the $50,000 threshold for the full contract amount, Council approval of the amendment is required.  The proposed resolution contains a maximum not to exceed amount approximately 5% higher than the amended Task Order amount to provide for some contingency for the materials testing.
To obtain authorization from City Council to execute an amendment to the Professional Services Agreement with Raba Kistner, Inc. to add scope and fees for construction materials and density testing to complete construction of the Tri-County Parkway reconstruction project.
Construction materials testing is needed to ensure the project complies with the contract documents and City requirements so the resultant street has the service life expected.
Approval of Resolution 22-R-51 authorizing an amendment to the Professional Services Contract with Raba Kistner Inc. to add scope and fees for additional construction materials testing for the Tri-County Parkway reconstruction project.
Funding for the proposed increase for the Professional Services Contract is available from the previously allocated Schertz Economic Development Corporation funds provided to the City for the Tri-County Parkway Reconstruction project.  Funding would come from the construction contingency currently available for the project.  Construction will be as summarized below:
Breakdown of Construction Costs
  Authorized Amount Resolution
Construction Contract Amount $4,524,163.98 21-R-129
Materials Testing (Raba Kistner Amended Task Order) $69,000.00 22-R-51
Construction Contingency $309,579.02  
Total EDC Construction Funding for the Project $4,900,000.00  21-R-129
Staff recommends approval of Resolution 22-R-51, authorizing the City Manager to execute and deliver the Amendment to the Agreement with Raba Kistner, Inc. in substantially the form set forth on Exhibit A and to execute further amendments as necessary not to exceed a total expenditure amount of $69,000.00.
Resolution 22-R-51
Exhibit A

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