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City Council Regular Meeting
Meeting Date: 05/24/2022  

The Schertz Police Department provides every Officer in the department with a long rifle for use in the field. Historically, the department has utilized a mixture of different caliber rifles, along with a mixture of department owned rifles and rifles on loan from the federal government.
The rifles on loan from the federal government were in used condition upon receiving them, being well-worn and antiquated. Several of these rifles are now non-functioning and in need of repair. Per agreement with the federal government, we cannot make the needed repairs to these rifles to put them back in service. In addition to that, these rifles do not fit in the patrol vehicles due to their length.  
Based on these challenges, we seek to purchase and provide every Officer with a uniform department owned rifle. In having our own department owned rifles we can modify and repair these rifles as needed, rifle training across the board is consistent when utilizing a uniform weapons platform, and it provides a singular caliber round over having to purchase two different calibers. There is a cost savings in not having to purchase different caliber rifle rounds. There is also a time savings in not having to train on two different rifle platforms, allowing the range staff to focus all training on this specific rifle spec and caliber.  
The department already has trained rifle armorers for this rifle new rifle platform and being that these rifles were specified to our standards, they will fit our needs and can also be carried within the patrol vehicles.

The vendor is a sole source vendor. Sole source document was approved by City of Schertz Purchasing Department. 
To provide every Officer in the police department with a uniform department owned rifle for use in the field.
Community safety is improved through a well-equipped and trained Police Department.
To approve the purchases of 45 rifles and accessories through Loyal 9 Manufacturing.
There is no fiscal impact to the City of Schertz General Fund
The department recently received $50,840.00 from the sale of retired 9mm rifles. These funds, plus an additional $27,156.25 from Federal Seizure Funds will be used to purchase the new rifles, rail mount flashlights, red dot sights and slings. The total cost of this project is $77,996.25.
To approve Resolution No. 22-R-50 for the purchase of new rifles for the Schertz Police Department. 
22-R-50 QUOTE

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