December 8, 2020

A Regular Meeting was held by the Schertz City Council of the City of Schertz, Texas, on December 8, 2020, at 6:00 p.m. in the Hal Baldwin Municipal Complex Council Chambers, 1400 Schertz Parkway, Building #4, Schertz, Texas. The following members present to-wit:
Mayor Ralph Gutierrez; Mayor Pro-Tem Rosemary Scott; Councilmember Mark Davis; Councilmember Jill Whittaker; Councilmember Michael Dahle; Councilmember David Scagliola; Councilmember Allison Heyward; Councilmember Tim Brown
City Staff:
City Manager Dr. Mark Browne; Assistant City Manager Brian James; Assistant City Manager Charles Kelm; City Attorney Daniel Santee; City Secretary Brenda Dennis; Assistant to the City Manager Sarah Gonzalez; Deputy City Secretary Gayle Wilkinson
Call to Order

Mayor Gutierrez called the meeting to order at 6:00 p.m.
Opening Prayer and Pledges of Allegiance to the Flags of the United States and State of Texas. (Councilmember Heyward)

Councilmember Heyward provided the opening prayer followed by the Pledges of Allegiance to the Flags of the United States and the State of Texas.
Employee Recognition Service Pins

City Manager Dr. Mark Browne recognized and presented the following with their years of service pins.
  • 30 year Service Pin awarded to Eber Busch - (M. Browne)
  • 30 Year Service Pin awardedto Matt Troncoso - (M. Browne)
  • 20 year Service Pin awarded to Bryan Timmons - (M. Browne)
  • 20 year Service Pin awarded (virtually) Martha Amescua - (M. Browne)
Employee Recognition

Each Department Head introduced their new employees.
  • Animal Services - Rosa Lopez Animal Services Technician. (M. Browne/C. Kelm/G. Dispain)
  • Engineering - Eric Schulze, Jennifer Shortness Engineers. (M. Browne/B. James/K. Woodlee)
  • Inspections - Beth Morris, Ilyssa Velasquez Permit Technicians. (M. Browne/B. James/L. Wood)
  • Parks - Larry May, Park Maintenance Technician. (M. Browne/B. James/J. Montney)
  • Police Department - Danny Vincent, Ayleen Almanza Police Officers. (M. Browne/C. Kelm/M. Hansen)
  • Public Works Fleet - Jeffery Dempsey Fleet Mechanic. (M. Browne/C. Kelm/S. Williams/C. Hernandez)
  • Public Works Wastewater - Stephen Mayfield Wastewater Manager. (M. Browne/C. Kelm/S. Williams/D. Letbetter)
  • Utility Billing - Anna Miranda Utility Billing Clerk. (M. Browne/B. James/J. Walters/R. Rosales)
City Events and Announcements
  • Announcements of upcoming City Events (B. James/C. Kelm/S. Gonzalez)
Ms. Gonzalez provided the following information:
Wednesday, December 9th
City Council Special Workshop
6:00 PM
Civic Center Bluebonnet Hall
Workshop to address concerns regarding the chip seal project completed as part of the 2018 SPAM program.

Tuesday, December 22nd
City Council Meeting Cancelled

Thursday, December 24th and Friday, December 25th
City Offices Closed for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day

Thursday, December 31st
New Year’s Eve Maskuerade
8:00 PM
Pickrell Park
Much like this year, this event will be like one you’ve never seen! Instead of the traditional eye masks, put on your nicest face mask and join us in welcoming the new year with a 2020 twist on a classic Masquerade Ball! Join us for the New Year's Eve Maskuerade on Thursday, December 31 at Pickrell Park beginning at 8:00 PM. There will be live music, food vendors, and a mask contest. We can't wait to ring in the new year with you!

Friday, January 1st
City Offices Closed for New Year’s Day

Tuesday, January 5th
First regular Council Meeting of 2021
6:00 PM
Council Chambers
  • Announcements and recognitions by the City Manager (M. Browne) None were provided.
  • Announcements and recognitions by the Mayor (R. Gutierrez) None were provided.
Hearing of Residents
Residents who choose to watch the meeting via live stream, but who would like to participate in Residents to be Heard, should email their comments to City Secretary, Brenda Dennis, at by 5:00 p.m. on Monday, December 7, 2020, SO THAT THE CITY SECRETARY MAY READ THE PUBLIC COMMENTS INTO THE RECORD UNDER THE HEARING OF RESIDENTS. In the body of the email please include your name, your address, phone number, agenda item # if applicable or subject of discussion, and your comments.

This time is set aside for any person who wishes to address the City Council. Each person should fill out the speaker’s register prior to the meeting. Presentations should be limited to no more than 3 minutes.

All remarks shall be addressed to the Council as a body, and not to any individual member thereof. Any person making personal, impertinent, or slanderous remarks while addressing the Council may be requested to leave the meeting.

Discussion by the Council of any item not on the agenda shall be limited to statements of specific factual information given in response to any inquiry, a recitation of existing policy in response to an inquiry, and/or a proposal to place the item on a future agenda. The presiding officer, during the Hearing of Residents portion of the agenda, will call on those persons who have signed up to speak in the order they have registered.

Mayor Gutierrez recognized the following who spoke regarding:
  • Ms. Diana Taylor, 5505 Columbia Drive - who spoke regarding she has had no follow-up regarding her drainage problems, speed bumps, asked what the city is going to do about the young man and police brutality, and what is the city going to do about Martinez. She stated that racism is in Schertz.
The following spoke regarding the Zakee Rayford incident, police accountability, police policies:
  • Ms. Myra Dumapias - no address given. Mayor Gutierrez asked Ms. Dumapias to state her name and address for the record, there was a conflict between Ms. Dumapias and the Mayor as to why her address needed to be given. Mayor Gutierrez indicated it was based on their rules of procedure. She provided it very quickly and the Mayor asked her to slow down due to not being able to capture what address she gave for the record. Further conflict arose between Ms. Dumapias as she wanted to see the exact law where she has to give her address. The Mayor stated that giving her address was part of the rules and procedures. Ms. Dumapias stated she didn't feel safe giving her address because what she is about to address has to do with police brutality. Mayor asked please if she would like to speak to provide the address. Ms. Dumapias indicated that she did not feel safe. As she did not repeat her address the Mayor asked if she would please take a seat. Conflict between Ms. Dumapias and the Mayor continued until the Mayor asked that the microphone be turned off. The Mayor asked Ms. Dumapias to take a seat. Ms. Dumapias turned toward the crowd and continued trying to tell those what facts she had in a very loud voice. The Mayor asked for the next person, Ms. Josey Garcia to come forward.
  • Ms. Josey Garcia - Mayor stated that Ms. Garcia did not list an address on the list and to please state her name and address. She stated as a community advocate she does not feel safe to put her physical home address, as that might put her life in jeopardy while they are begging for the lives of others. Ms. Garcia got very loud stating the community is crying and begging. Mayor stated that they want to hear from her and want her input, but that we do need her name and address.
Mayor stated "ladies and gentlemen we're trying to be respectful here, we are trying to get the meeting going as planned. The name and address are part of their rules of procedure, if you refuse to provide your name and address, then we are going to refuse to allow you to speak. Believe him, he wants to hear from you, Council wants to hear your input, but we do need your name and address." Ms. Garcia became very load, Mayor continued stating that he will not allow them to use our City Council as part of your platform." Ms. Garcia stated that there is no platform, Mayor stated that it certainly appears to be that - reference their platform. Mayor stated “that you can step up to the mic and provide your name and address, and we will be glad to hear from you/them.”
  • Ms. Jolene Garcia, (the guest of Marie Bond) - 1013 Keanna Place - Ms Garcia made a plea to Mayor Gutierrez and Council to contact Mr. Kevin Rayford and Zekee Rayford. She pleaded with Council to make historical change with their policing. She stated she did have an agenda and a platform and it was their right to be a person of color in this country without fear of retribution of the skin we live in. "Be on the right side of history. We are ready to work with you to make change."
  • Ms. Mandy Moore, 1653 N.Santa Clara Rd - She spoke about, in her opinion, uncouth remarks that were made last Council Meeting showing bias in our community. She spoke about the abuse of power in the Zekee Rayford event and the obvious bias of some citizens with their actions as they walked through the crowd outside the council chamber. Ms. Moore gave her opinion on the actual arrest of Mr. Zekee Rayford. Ms. Moore's time was up and Mayor Gutierrez asker her to return to her seat. Her microphone was turned off, and she continued to talk and yell to Council. Ms. Moore did return to her seat after several requests from Mayor Gutierrez.
  • Mr. Leonard Moore, 1653 N. Santa Clara Rd - Mr. Moore started off by telling Council they all know what happened with the Zekee Rayford incident and are choosing to do nothing about it. Mr. Moore rehearsed the events of Zekee Rayfords arrest and expressed his disgust with the actual arrest and the Council's reaction. Mr. Moore asked Council to hold the police offers accountable for their actions.
  • Ms. Valerie Reiffert, a guest at 5504 Columbia Dr. - Ms. Reiffert reiterated some events of November 10, 2020, at the City Council meeting highlighting events that she disagreed with. Ms. Reiffert also acknowledged one of Schertz EMT workers asking Zekee's mother how Zekee was doing. She noted the difference of the EMT worker who showed he had a heart and really cares about the victim and the Police Department and who they are really protecting and serving. Ms. Reiffert gave additional closing remarks.
  • Ms. Sandra Kearns, 416 Eagle Flight - Ms. Kearns began her remarks by asking Council to place the issue of Police accountability on the agenda. Ms. Kearns addressed Mayor Gutierrez and asked him to release reports (files and records) of the police officers involved in the Zekee Rayford arrest. (While Ms. Kearns was speaking, another woman in the back of the room began to speak. Mayor Gutierrez asked her to please hold her comments and have more respect while Ms. Kearns is speaking.) Ms. Rayford stated Zekee's past was released, and he was slandered but Mayor Gutierrez would not release the Police officers records. (Mayor Gutierrez gave Ms. Kearns his e-mail address and offered to send the 20 videos available of the Zekee Rayford incident).
  • Darius Lemelle,1013 Keanna Place - Mr. Lemelle stated he is a black veteran who recently returned from Iraq. Mr. Lemelle stated before going to Iraq he was trained in the rules of engagement and proportionate force. He noted since many Police departments posses military style weapons and gear he would think it is common sense that the same rules of engagement apply when dealing with American citizens. Mr. Lemelle continued to point out the unnecessary force used by the Police officers and how he feels it was unmerited. Mr. Lemelle stated he has seen a bias against the Rayford family and rehearsed the events of a March 16th warrant to search the families home and identifies questionable details about the raid. Mr. Lemelle states he believes the officers involved in the event on November 2, 2020, should be terminated and Office Martinez should be terminated and charged with perjury for the March 16, 2020, raid. Mr. Lemelle gave additional closing remarks. Applause erupted in the back of the chambers - Mayor Gutierrez asked the people to please hold their applause stating "this is not an awards banquet" Mayor Gutierrez states being disrespectful does not help your cause.
  • Ms. Marie Bonds,1013 Keanna Place - Ms. Bonds identifies herself as the sister of Zekee Rayford. Ms. Bonds gives statistics referencing unarmed black Americans killed by officers in the states. Ms. Bonds gave additional closing remarks. Ms. Bonds began to reading names from a list she had as she walked away from the podium. Mayor Gutierrez invited Mr. Brad Ward to come to the podium to speak while Ms. Bonds was still reading names with a loud voice. Mayor Gutierrez stated our rules and procedures are designed to maintain order. Conducting yourselves in this manner is, at times, shameful. The reading of names and talking continued as Mayor Gutierrez again invited Mr. Brad Ward to speak.
  • Mr. Brad Ward, 12619 Maid Marian - Mr. Ward addressed building codes and some compliance with them. He spoke about the difficulty of getting permits to build his home. He finally hired a builder to build his home and now that his home is built, he can't obtain a certificate of occupancy because of missing paperwork. He expressed his concern/views on the stringent requirements to build in Schertz. He posed the question if the inspections on his foundation are required to get his certificate of occupancy, how did the house make it to framing stage? Mr. Ward is asking for the city to consider waivers for some engineering requirements that are keeping him from obtaining his certificate of occupancy.
  • Ms. Kapree Rayford,1013 Keanna Place - She is concerned that the Zekee Rayford arrest is not being place on the agenda and that her brother had to move out of her fathers home. Ms. Rayford poses the question of why the Schertz Police Department won't hold their police officers accountable for their actions like they are holding Zekee Rayford accountable for his action? Ms. Rayford gave additional closing remarks.
  • Mr. Jack Miller - 1013 Keanna Place - Mr. Miller addressed the police officer involved in child pornography and made several comments regarding the Schertz Police department. He also made mention of the footage he has on his camera that took place at our City Council meeting. Mr. Miller asked for additional time and Mayor Gutierrez responded, no. Mr. Miller unbuttoned his shirt and took his shirt off. The words "Don't tase me Bro" were written on his stomach and his back.
  • Ms. Desiree Schanding, 5227 Roundtable Dr., San Antonio, TX.- Ms. Schanding spoke about Officer Martinez and the warrant he used to search the Rayford home. Ms. Schanding also recounted the event of November 2, 2020, that involved Zekee Rayford. Ms Schanding stated we allow police officers too much discretion in the line of duty. She also defines a felony charge in evading in a motor vehicle and states this charge should be dropped. Ms. Schanding asked that Police policies be placed on the Council's agenda.
  • Mr. Ferrando Heyward, 2628 Hansel Heights - Mr. Heyward states Schertz acts too conservative and slow on acting on information dispense. Mr Ferrando gave statistics with the city of Schertz on traffic violations. Mr. Hewyward shared if you feel unsafe with police, slow down, put on your hazard lights, and call 911. Mr. Heyward was stopped because his time was up.
There was talking from the back of the room - indiscernible.
Consent Agenda Items

The Consent Agenda is considered self-explanatory and will be enacted by the Council with one motion. There will be no separate discussion of these items unless they are removed from the Consent Agenda upon the request of the Mayor or a Councilmember.

Mayor Gutierrez read the following items:
1. Minutes – Consideration and/or action regarding the approval of the minutes of the Regular meeting of December 1, 2020.  (B. Dennis)
2. Ordinance No. 20-S-41 - Consideration and/or action upon a request to rezone approximately 0.35 acres of land from Neighborhood Services District (NS) to Main Street Mixed Use District (MSMU), located at 603 Main Street, City of Schertz, Guadalupe County, Texas. Final Reading (B. James/L. Wood/N. Koplyay).
3. Ordinance No. 20-S-42 - Consideration and/or action upon request to rezone approximately 0.35 acres of land from General Business District (GB) to Main Street Mixed Use District (MSMU), located at 539 Main Street, City of Schertz, Guadalupe County, Texas. Final Reading (B. James/L. Wood/N. Koplyay).
4. Ordinance No. 20-S-40 - Consideration and/or action upon a request for a Specific Use Permit to allow the ‘Commercial Amusement, Outdoor’ land use on approximately 17.5 acres of land, located at 18658 Interstate Highway 35 N, City of Schertz, Guadalupe County, Texas, also known as Wiederstein Ranch Lot 1, Block 1. Final Reading (B. James/L. Wood/N. Koplyay)
5. Resolution No. 20-R-142 - Consideration and/or action approving a Resolution by the City Council of the City of Schertz, Texas approving a request for a Schertz Main Street Local Flavor Economic Development Grant for 530 and 534 Main Street. (M. Browne/B. James)
6. Resolution No. R-20-143 - Consideration and/action approving a Resolution by the City Council of the City of Schertz, Texas authorizing the acquisition of Lot 1, Block 50 of the Live Oak Hills Addition. (M. Browne/B. James)
7. Resolution 20-R-138 - Consideration and/or action approving a Resolution by the City Council of the City of Schertz, Texas authorizing an extension of the agreement for Management Services between the City of Schertz and the Schertz/Seguin Local Government Corporation (SSLGC) and other matters in connection therewith.
8. Resolution 20-R-48 - Consideration and/or action approving a Resolution by the City Council of the City of Schertz Texas approving a Standard Utility Agreement with the Texas Department of Transportation relating to the relocation of a segment of sewer main near the intersection of IH-35 and FM 1103.  (C. Kelm/S. Williams/S. McClelland)
9. Ordinance No. 20-T-38 - Consideration and/or action approving an Ordinance by the City Council of the City of Schertz, Texas, authorizing an adjustment to the fiscal year 2020-2021 budget, repealing all Ordinances or parts of Ordinances in conflict with this Ordinance; and providing an effective date. Final Reading (M. Browne/B. James/J. Walters) 

Mayor Gutierrez asked Council if there were any items to be removed from Consent for separate action.  Mayor Gutierrez recognized Mayor Pro-Tem Scott who requested agenda item 2, Ordinance No. 20-S-41 be removed for separate action.
  Moved by Councilmember Michael Dahle, seconded by Councilmember David Scagliola to approve Consent Agenda item s 1, and 3 through 9.
AYE: Mayor Pro-Tem Rosemary Scott, Councilmember Mark Davis, Councilmember Jill Whittaker, Councilmember Michael Dahle, Councilmember David Scagliola, Councilmember Allison Heyward, Councilmember Tim Brown
Discussion and action items

Mayor Gutierrez read the following items:
2. Ordinance No. 20-S-41 - Consideration and/or action upon a request to rezone approximately 0.35 acres of land from Neighborhood Services District (NS) to Main Street Mixed Use District (MSMU) located t 603 Main Street, City of Schertz, Guadalupe County, Texas Final Reading (B. James/L. Wood/N. Koplyay)

Mayor Gutierrez recognized Mayor Pro-Tem Scott who commented on the statement "we encourage the Main Street Mixed Use concept, however emphasis needs to be placed on developing a positive environment, and several citizens were expressing concerns for guidelines to be implemented so the neighborhood remains safe and non-disruptive." She believes that they were talking about the noise possibly with bars or others. She asked Mr. James if that would be part of that or is that in the broader scope. Mr. James answered stating he would say its related and is probably part of the broader scope and would say that this item and the other is rezoning to mixed uses. Council recently amended the Code of Ordnances with regard to the Main Street Mixed Use zoning district and that was to allow by right restaurants and taverns. Taverns is what our ordinance calls a Bar. He further explained the rezone, to not just be a Monday through Friday 8:00 to 5:00, and the idea to have some restaurants, some bars for a greater kind of nightlife. He continued the explanation and Mayor Pro-Tem Scott saw that there was support for the change.
  Moved by Mayor Pro-Tem Rosemary Scott, seconded by Councilmember Allison Heyward to approve Ordinance No. 20-S-41.
AYE: Mayor Pro-Tem Rosemary Scott, Councilmember Mark Davis, Councilmember Jill Whittaker, Councilmember Michael Dahle, Councilmember David Scagliola, Councilmember Allison Heyward, Councilmember Tim Brown
10. Ordinance No. 20-T-39 - Consideration and/or action upon an Ordinance to extend the term of the Tax Increment Financing Reinvestment zone No. 2 (Sedona/Crossvine) and expand the boundaries. Final Reading (B. James)

Mayor Gutierrez recognized Assistant City Manager Brian James who came forward introducing this item and addressed the change to make it more explicit.
  Moved by Councilmember Michael Dahle, seconded by Councilmember David Scagliola to approve Ordinance No. 20-T-39.
AYE: Mayor Pro-Tem Rosemary Scott, Councilmember Mark Davis, Councilmember Jill Whittaker, Councilmember Michael Dahle, Councilmember David Scagliola, Councilmember Allison Heyward, Councilmember Tim Brown
11. City Council Rules of Conduct and Procedure - Discussion regarding possible changes to the current City Council Rules of Conduct and Procedure. (Mayor/Council)

Mayor Gutierrez recognized City Secretary Brenda Dennis who came forward stating that this item was placed on the agenda for possible additions or deletions as we have new members of council.  Mayor Gutierrez opened it up for Council discussion and it was the concurrence of those present to leave the Ordinance as is with no changes.
12. City Council Code of Ethics - Discussion regarding possible changes to the current City Council Code of Ethics. (Mayor/Council)

Mayor Gutierrez recognized City Secretary Brenda Dennis who came forward stating that this item was placed on the agenda for possible additions or deletions as we have new members of council, and that the current Ordinance does not reflect the sitting Councilmembers.  Mayor Gutierrez opened it up for Council discussion and it was the concurrence of those present to leave the Ordinance as is with no changes.  Ms. Dennis stated that she will bring back this ordinance only to reflect concurrence of the sitting Councilmembers and have each of them sign.
13. Chapter 18 Building and Building Regulations - Workshop and discussion related to the update of Schertz Code of Ordinances, Chapter 18 Building and Building Regulations and local amendments.

Mayor Gutierrez recognized Ms. Lesa Wood, Planning and Community Development Director who introduced Mr. Gil Durant, Chief Building Official.  Ms. Wood and Mr. Durant provided a PowerPoint presentation regarding proposed updates to the Building regulations and why they are planning on adopting new or amended building codes. It was the concurrence of Council to move forward bringing back changes.
14. Workshop Discussion on Roadway Improvements - regarding Corridor Oaks sewer line extension in preparation of roadway improvements on FM 1103. (C. Kelm)

Mayor Gutierrez recognized Assistant City Manager Charles Klem who provided a PowerPoint regarding this item addressing several questions from Council. Councilmember provided their comments as well as Mr. Kahn the property owner.

Further discussion regarding the property owner not being compensated for the 291 feet, he was compensated for the 401 feet, which is the 297 feet and the engineering costs that are associated with it, and the construction costs. Councilmember Dahle stated again, the 291 feet is an additional expense, and yes if it was a new developer coming in per our UDC then absolutely they would be required to pay, but the property in question pre-dates everything out there except the convenience store. Councilmember Dahle stated that if Mr. Kahn did not get compensated from TxDOT for the 291 feet, if we are going to require it, then he believes that the City should take care of.

Councilmember Whittaker, had Mr. Kelm go over the disputes. One is the 291 feet and installation. Mr. Kahn came forward explaining what TxDOT purchased from him was for 401 feet and purchased 10 feet of land at an additional $40,000. TxDOT did not cover the additional 291 feet. Mayor stated that he did get reimbursed for his property. Mr. Kahn is looking for compensation of the 25 foot easement.

Assistant City Manager Brian James came forward explaining what is required for a public line and the requirements for the property owner. He stated that Mr. Kahn is wanting to construct a sewer line, that triggers the need to extend across the property and provide an easement for it. Mr. Kahn came up once again explaining his issue.

Discussions continued on the two issues: 291 feet and compensation for the additional land. Mr. Kahn's expectations are to bring the Walgreens sewer to the boundary line and have the City pay for the additional feet at $11:00 per square feet.

Mayor stated let's work on two resolutions, one for the 291 feet and another for the compensation of the additional land needed.

Mayor and Council continued discussion particularly with Mr. Kahn's issue and requested they form an add hoc group to discuss the issues. Mayor Gutierrez, Councilmembers Whittaker, Councilmember Scagliola, and Councilmember Dahle will serve on the add hoc committee.
Roll Call Vote Confirmation

Mayor Gutierrez recognized City Secretary Brenda Dennis who provided the roll call vote confirmation for items 1 through 11.
Information available in City Council Packets - NO DISCUSSION TO OCCUR

Mayor Gutierrez mentioned items 15 through 17 that were in the Council's packet as well as available online.
15. Library Projects - Update on Library Projects. (M. Browne/B. James/M. Uhlhorn)
16. Monthly update - on major projects in progress/CIP. (B. James/K. Woodlee)
17. 2021 Master Calendar - Information on 2021 Master Calendar and Boards/Commissions (M. Browne/S. Gonzalez)
Requests and Announcements
  • Announcements by the City Manager. No further announcements were provided.
  • Requests by Mayor and Councilmembers for updates or information from staff. No requests given.
  • Requests by Mayor and Councilmembers that items or presentations be placed on a future City Council agenda. No items requested.
  • Announcements by Mayor and Councilmembers
    • City and community events attended and to be attended
    • City Council Committee and Liaison Assignments (see assignments below)
    • Continuing education events attended and to be attended
    • Recognition of actions by City employees
    • Recognition of actions by community volunteers
Mayor Gutierrez recognized the following members of Council:

Mayor Pro-Tem Scott, mentioned and commented on the recent City Tree Lighting ceremony.

Councilmember Whittaker mentioned she completed her AACOG Elected Officials Workshop training and the Texas Municipal League Newly Elected City Official training and also stated she attended the Tree lighting and The Holidazzle events.

Councilmember Dahle mentioned he attended the Tree lighting ceremony, Breakfast with Santa event, Kris Kringle Market, Schertz Main Street Markets and the Schertz Holidazzzle Parade.

Councimember Scagliola stated he attended the Schertz Holidazzle Parade and thanked staff for a wonderful event.

Councilmember Heyward stated she attended several ribbon cutting events, Tree Lighting Ceremony, Breakfast with Santa, Main Street Market and attended the Holidazzle Parade.

Lastly, Councilmember Heyward stated that he was nominated by Bennett Sandlin to serve on the Texas Municipal Retirement Advisory Committee on the benefit design, she was approved by the TMRS Board of Trustees.

Councilmember Brown he echoed Councilmember Scagliola in thanking all the City Employees/Staff for the Tree Lighting Ceremony and parade, and stated for this ba-hum-bug kind of guy, he felt pretty good.

Mayor Gutierrez thanked the Staff for the Tree lighting event and the Parade it brought the Christmas spirit into our City. His Christmas message is "may your holiday spirit shine bright, Christmas is a feeling in your heart, Christmas is the best time of the year, so let the spirit of the season fill your hearts and your home." Merry Christmas from our Council to our residents.

Mayor Gutierrez adjourned the meeting at 9:00 p.m.
Ralph Gutierrez, Mayor

Brenda Dennis, City Secretary

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