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City Council Regular Meeting
Meeting Date: 01/05/2021  

The terms for the following TIRZ Board Members expired on December 31, 2020: Mr. Bob Cantu, Mr. Michael Dahle and Mr. Gary Inmon. The City Secretary reached out to those whose terms were expiring and received the following response back: Mr. Michael Dahle and Mr. Gary Inmon would like to continue to serve, and Mr. Bob Cantu wishes to resign at this time.

With the resignation of Mr. Cantu it leaves a vacancy to fill.  The following individuals have expressed interest in serving:
Mrs. Allison Heyward, Mrs. Jill Whittaker and former Councilmember Scott Larson.

Staff recommends ratification of the resignation of Mr. Bob Cantu and the reappointments of Mr. Michael Dahle and Mr. Gary Inmon. Staff also recommends Council discuss filling the current vacancy left by Mr. Cantu with one of the three (3) following candidates: 
  • Mrs. Allison Heyward
  • Mrs. Jill Whittaker
  • Mr. Scott Larson

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